My paintings stem from an interest in human emotion and how it is tied to the human form and movement. My work is evolving from a representational approach dealing with the figure to an abstract depiction of the same emotions.
I have begun to play with color and form to express abstractly the emotions from a raw and visceral beginning to a translation on canvas. 

The need to find meaning and to give voice to these emotions is what drives my work. Painting is a means to impose order and make sense of chaos of world. I have been influenced by the painters Egon Schiele, De Kooning and Yan Pei Ming. I am drawn to large-scale format preferring the vast space over small constrictived boundaries. 

I studied art in the BFA program at the University of Arkansas followed by classes at Parson’s School of Design, Paris. I completed my degree in studio art with an emphasis in painting at San Francisco State University.

I am currently working in a studio in Boulder, CO for the summer and will be back in San Francisco in the fall with periodic stints in SF between now and then working on pieces for a solo show in San Francisco. I will be participating in SF Open studios in October.